Ice hockey is a game that is played on ice. There are five players on each team and a goaltender from each side. The aim is to try and score against the opposing team and make as many goals as possible. It is a team sport and the team with the highest scores wins the game. It is popularly played in Canada, Northern parts of the United States, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. Scotland is one of the counties popular for the game. The Scottish ice hockey team has come a long way to what it is now. This article will look into the history of the sport and the teams that are popular in Scotland.


Scottish ice hockey is responsible for women’s ice hockey, Scottish national league, Scottish premier hockey league, and even the junior ice hockey. Furthermore, it also runs the training and coaching courses. The sport is popularly indoors because of the winter that has taken place over the decades. The game started in the twentieth century. It was founded way back in 1909. The founding members were five including beavers, star, Corinthians, wanderers, and Kings. The team played in the prince’s ice hockey club in London after being founded. The first game was played on March 26, 1910. The international match took place between London and Scotland. The English side won 11-1. There was a return match that took place in Scotland and victory went to the Scottish. They won 8-3. The World War I led to the team remaining dormant. It was during that time that croossmyloof ice rink was closed. Luckily, the ice rink came back into action in 1929.


The Scottish national league had its first ice hockey league shortly after it was formed in Scotland. The league took part in the international game in 1993 and won against England. The biggest win was against England in 1980. Scotland won 14-1. It was its biggest win ever. However, the team has also had its fair share of losses. The biggest loss was in 1909 where it lost 11-1. There are two leading teams in the league. They include the men’s national team and women’s national ice hockey team. The men’s national team has played from the year 1909-1993. It has played a total of 56 games, with 26 games at home and 30 games away. It first played in 1909 and lost to England.


Scotland women’s national ice hockey team represents Scotland in the international ice hockey competitions. It has taken part in friendlies since 1991. The team had their first international game in 1991. The game which was against England ended in a tie. Conversely, the team had its biggest defeat in 1993. The game was against England and Scotland lost 7-0. The women’s national ice hockey team has played 5 games and lost 4 times. Additionally, the team has played three home games and two away games. There is no doubt that the Scottish ice hockey has come a long way. However, the team can learn from its failures and success and improve on the game. It just has to do a bit of polishing up on its techniques and it will be among the best ice hockey teams in the world.