Beginner’s Guide to Buying Hockey Equipment for Your Kids

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Your child watched the movie, The Mighty Ducks, and now they’re gung-ho about playing ice hockey. You have never even set foot inside an ice rink, so you’re wondering where to begin. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the process.
kids hockey

Ice skating instruction.

Ice hockey is playing on ice, and you must have learned skating. First, enroll your kid in a good ice skating session. You can even approach a figure skater at your local rink. All your child needs know how to use the edges of the skates, how to move forward, how to make turns and finally to stop. Typically, a learn to skate program would be about 8 – 12 weeks of weekly instruction. You can usually rent hockey skates from the ice rink at this stage.

Hockey initiation class.

After your child has been equipped with the basic knowledge, the next thing is hockey instruction. Here your kid will learn about the ice hockey equipment, rules of skating, and will start to get a feel of new skating skills together with hockey equipment. This class is a must for kids who want to play. Often, the facility will provide all the necessary equipment until you’re sure your child likes it and wants to continue.

Hockey Equipment for Your Kids.

A lot of parents who are new to the game of hockey get sold a bill of goods when it comes to purchasing hockey equipment for their child. For beginners, the only pieces you’ll want to buy new are a helmet, a wooden hockey stick, and a hockey jock. If you buy everything else second-hand, that’s just fine. Used hockey gear is easy to find online through hockey auction sites specializing in selling used hockey gear. These can be a great place to find a real bargain. Rather than going to your local hockey shop and paying hundreds of dollars for brand new equipment, look for used instead. It just makes more sense. Other to buy when your kid has gained the knowledge of the game are head protection, lots of padding, hockey wheel, puck or ball. Remember goalies need special equipment because they are vulnerable to flying wheels or pucks as well as sticks.

Practices are very important at this level. The kids have more actual time handling the puck and skating in a practice than they do in a game scenario. Games are viewed as a reward for working hard in practice. Encourage your child to take practices seriously and not goof off. This work ethic will carry them through the advanced levels when they’re older.

In gaming, most of the rinks require teams volunteers to fill the score sheet and running the time clock, and one parent volunteers to hang out in the penalty box to help the kids open and close the door (as well as to calm any tempers). It takes a lot of teamwork from the parents to make it all work. If you approach it with a willing attitude, you’re ahead of the game.

Hopefully, this has given you some valuable information to get your son or daughter started in ice hockey. The experience they will gain in sportsmanship, camaraderie, teamwork, and self-discipline will be invaluable and make them go far as they mature into adulthood.


Practicing Ice Hockey – Physical Fitnessy

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Ice hockey is a physical game, it involves swift moves with your body positioned at a given angle. This requires a lot of energy and strength. As a player, how can you ensure your body has got the maximum energy needed for the game? The energy to move fast, energy to hold the hockey stick and as well as the energy to shooting the rubber cock? There is no shortcut towards this, you are required to regularly train and do a lot of physical exercises.

Practicing ice hockey involves a lot of physical workouts based on imparting the maximum energy to the players. This workout is very vigorous therefore burns a lot of calories. Due to the vigor involved during training, it is very hard to find a fat ice hockey player. Exercises such as ice sprinting are very common during ice hockey training.

Shoes related to ice hockey are a special type of skating boots. The boots are unique compared to the normal skating boots. The special feature of these boots enables ice hockey players to swiftly move on the ice using the shoes. There are several types of ice hockey boots available on the market. As a player you thus got a wider range to choose from depending on the amount you wish to spend on the shoes. Common skating boots in the market are CCM Senior Tacks 1092 Ice Hockey Skates, Bauer Senior Vapor X350 Ice Hockey Skates, American Athletic Shoes Women’s Plum Soft Boot Ice hockey skates just to mention a few.

Exercises related to ice hockey training;


Running is vital for every sports person, apart from contributing to the development of the lower muscles body, running contributes to a general being of a person. As an ice hockey player, you are required to at least to take a maximum of 45 minutes running. You the one to choose the best time for to run, this is either in the morning or in the evening.


You can never play ice hockey without skating. Ice hockey players are the best skaters. Skating helps players improve their skills when it comes to fast motion, and also it exposes one to the nature of the game since it is played while on skating boots. Skating leisurely for 30 minutes or more at least 3 times a week is very vital for a player.


Building power on your arms is very vital. The power is necessary for holding and striking the coke. How can you develop power on your arms? By at least doing 100 press-ups daily. To do press-ups, lie flat on the ground, position your palms around your kidneys, lift your body up and down 10 times they relax. Repeat this 10 times.

Stretching exercises

The secret behind good performance in every game is stretching. This is an office type of training that improves the player flexibility. Flexibility is very important ingredient during the practice of the hockey drills.Players are advised to warm up before stretching. Proper body alignment is vital during stretching.


Physical Exercise

Email from UK Anti Doping *Important*

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Dear NGB Colleague

UK Anti-Doping would like to extend WADA’s recent announcement warning athletes of a substance called GW501516, also known as Endurobol.
We urge all NGBs to read WADAs statement and actively communicate this information to their sporting communities, in particular athletes and athlete support personnel.


Ice Hockey Coach – Job Opportunity (Budapest, Hungary)

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We are a Hungarian traditional sport club, more than 125 years old, located in the Capital
City, Budapest. We have more than 250 kids playing for our club, and now we have 15 coaches.
The senior team is playing in the Hungarian League, called MOL League, where we are
participating with the far youngest team, where 80% of the players come from our junior
We are looking for a full mentor coach for the next season, whose job would be the
teaching of the coaches throughout the year, where the mentor coach would get free hand. We
are refreshing our squad this year, and we are going to have a lot of good potential young
coaches, most of them coming from our organization as well. Their improvement is big concern
of our leading board.
• Has to speak fluent English
• Watching and analyzing the practices
• Sometimes demonstrate practices
• Helping the coaches to design practices, later on check the designed practices
• Teaching the coaches how to deduct the designed practice into actual practice
• Teaching the coaches practice analysis
• Teaching the coaches how to import off ice sessions into the practice schedule
• Watching the games, teaching the coaches “running the bench”
• Teaching the coaches how to analyze games
• All tools what an ice hockey practice needs (boards, cones, tires, stick handling
• Video Coach
• Video analyzing application (Steva)
• Projector
• PC in the coaching room
• Auditory room
• Off ice shooting bench
• Gym
• Gymnastic hall
• Soccer field
• U23 (Erste Bank Young Stars League) (Austria U22)
• U18 (Erste Bank Young Stars League) (Austria U18)
• U16
• U14 2000 born
• U14 2001 born
• U12 2002 born
• U12 2003 born
• U10
• U08
The contract would be for one season starting in 2013 August 1st and it would end in
2014 April 30th, but if we would find a person who is fit for the job we would like to continue our
partnership for at least one year more
The work time would be average 174 hours per month, as the Hungarian law states. The
work hours would different as in ice hockey always, but in the week days the practices are in the
afternoon, and we have the games on the weekends. Free days granted per week.
The place of work would be oriented in Budapest, Újpest Ice Rink, because the mentor
coach would not travel anywhere most of the time.
Salary is based on the coaches:
• Work experience
• Achievements
• Schooling
Housing is put into the salary. The club would help to find an apartment, and would put
the apartment money into the coach’s salary. The club is willing to pay 450 € per month for an
apartment. In Hungary this is new 3 rooms flat money in a good place in downtown.
Other variables (for example: flight, car) are negotiated between the two parties
Salary is in HUF even if the two parties get an agreement in Euros (Hungarian law says).
The salary must come to a Hungarian bank account, which the club will provide for the coach
(Hungarian law says). The pay day is on the 5th of each month (Hungarian law says)


SIH board vacancies

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Scottish Ice Hockey UK

Roles and Responsibilities of Executive Board Members

We currently have two vacant positions:



Chairperson Juniors

Responsible for

  • Ensuring Rules of Competition for SIH-UK Junior Leagues are adhered to for U12, U14, U16 and IHUK U20
  • Chairing a sub committee (3 max) from Junior Clubs, which will be responsible for organising the Junior Scottish Cup weekend (includes programme & contents, printing, registration of teams & officials at the venue)
  • Representing Junior Clubs at Executive meetings
  • Liaising with all Executive members as and when required




Chairperson Seniors

Responsible for

  • Ensuring Rules of Competition for SIH-UK Scottish National League are adhered to
  • Chairing a sub committee (3 max) from Senior Clubs, which will be responsible for organising the SNL Play Off Weekend (includes programme & contents, printing, registration of teams & officials at the venue)
  • Representing Senior Clubs at Executive meetings
  • Liaising with all Executive members as and when required

The above positions are voluntary although reasonable expenses will be covered. Successful candidates will serve a minimum period of 1 year and no more than 3 years when some positions come available through rotation of Executive Members.


Before applying for either of these roles, please ensure that you fully understand the Roles and Responsibilities for the position and can commit fully to them.

Applications should be sent by email to Sami Hand by Friday 17 January 2014.  Please provide a brief description of your skills and experience and what position you would like to be considered for.

Successful candidates will be asked to an interview week commencing 27 January 2014.

Roles and Responsibilities


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The International Ice Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) Under-20s World Championship (Division 1B) tournament, which concluded on Sunday night, has been hailed as a superb success by organisers and it’s been revealed that 2,000 bed-nights were created for Dumfries.
High-quality play and large crowds contributed to the feel-good factor around the Championship, a vibe which went through the roof when ice hockey’s holy grail, the Stanley Cup, landed in Scotland for the first time.
Richard Grieveson, the Dumfries & Galloway Council’s head of resource planning and community services, said: “I’m extremely proud of all the Ice Bowl staff involved in delivering this World Championship and the huge commitment they have made this week.
“We can now look forward with confidence to the Under-18 World Championship at the end of March, knowing that Dumfries Ice Bowl is an established international ice hockey venue.”
Andy French, general secretary of Ice Hockey UK, said: “I’m thrilled at the whole week we have had in Dumfries.
“The Council has met the exacting standards required to host international ice hockey competition and for fans of the sport it’s been a special time, welcoming the Stanley Cup to Scotland for the first time, and celebrating 100 years of ice hockey in the UK.”
The World Championship also created an economic boost for Dumfries and Galloway. The event was the catalyst for a financial windfall of over £100,000 for local accommodation providers alone, as more than 2,000 ‘bed-nights’ were required to host the competing nations, their support staff and officials.
Most of the tournament expenditure was provided by Ice Hockey UK and the Council successfully applied to EventScotland for additional financial support.
Councillor Colin Smyth, the Council’s events champion, added: “This tournament has left many legacies for Dumfries and Galloway.
“There is every possibility that we will attract further major tournaments and matches to the Ice Bowl and we have developed ice hockey as an engrossing, family-friendly spectator sport in this area.
“The Council is committed to an ambitious programme of support to major festivals and events in our region, to create the kind of memorable moments and sporting drama we have witnessed over the past seven days.”
Italy won the Championship gold medal, with Kazakhstan taking silver and France bronze. The Great Britain team acquitted themselves well, which included a memorable penalty shoot-out victory over pre-tournament favourites France.

World Championship

Scottish Conference Teams Success at French Tournamnets

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Players from Conference U11’s, U13’s, and U15’s pictured prior to boarding the coach heading to France to play in Tournaments at Fontenay, Neuilly, and Angers on Friday.

After a long tiring journey by coach and ferry to their different Tournaments the 3 teams arrived on Saturday and went in to their first games, which they all won. The teams, as you will see from the scores they have made us all proud to be part of the National Development Conference Teams.


U11’s in Angers. U15’s in Neuilly U13’s in Fontenay
8 – Toulouse 2 5 – Neuilly 0 5 – Francois Volant’s 0
14 – Courbevoie 2 4 – Lorenskog Norway 0 8 – Fontenay 0
5 – La Roche 0 1 – Amiens 0 3 – Brovary Ukraine 0
7 – Angers A 1 2 – Serviette Switzerland 1 Round 2
7- Meudon 0 Round 2 5 – Sensee. Switzerland 1
Final 2 – Meudon 0 7 – Viry 1
4 – Deuils/Colombes 1 8 – Francois Volant’s 0 6 – Brovary Ukraine 0
1 – Moscow 1 (lost on penalties) Semi Final
Semi Final 9 – Fontenay 2
3 – Serviette Switzerland 0 Final
Final 3 – ACBB France 1
2 – Amiens 1
Congratulations to all Teams, Staff and Parents



IIHF Tournamnet on Premier Sports: Press Release

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Premier Sports provides first-ever live coverage of

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in the UK

Infront secures agreement with the pay-TV channel that also includes all

games of Team Great Britain in the Division I tournament

London, UK/Zug, Switzerland, 2 April 2013 – The 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will for

the first time in its history be broadcast live on TV in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Infront Sports

& Media, marketing partner of the International Ice Hockey Federation, secured an agreement with

Premier Sports. The channel, which operates on the British SKY platform, will show 20 games of the

2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship taking place in Stockholm and Helsinki with a live game

most days between 3 and 19 May 2013.

In addition, Premier Sports has acquired the rights to show all games of Team Great Britain, playing in

the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group A carried out in Budapest between 14 and

21 April 2013. The games against Hungary, Kazakhstan, Italy, Japan and South Korea will be broadcast

live and in full length.

Premier Sports is currently received through satellite and is available in over 10 million homes via

subscription in the UK. With the addition of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship rights, the channel

continues to expand its Ice Hockey portfolio, which currently includes the NHL, with one of the most

popular sports in Europe and the biggest annual winter sport event worldwide.

About Premier Sports

Premier Sports operates exclusively on the SKY platform in the UK on channel 428. It launched in 2010

offering viewers in the UK the opportunity to receive wall to wall coverage of their number one sport. Its

current portfolio is made up of over 1200 events per year and includes Blue Square Conference and

South American Football, Rugby League for the UK and Australia, NHL, NASCAR and Top 14 Rugby


SNL Play-offs & Junior Cup Finals Programme

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SNL Play-offs Fife Ice Arena

Saturday 6th April 2013

SNL Play-off 1 – 6.30pm warm up. 7pm F.O.
SNL Play-off 2 – 9.30pm F.O.

Sunday 7th April 2013

SNL Play-off for 3rd and 4th 11.15am warm up. 11.30 am F.O.
SNL Play-off Final 5.30pm warm up. 6.00pm F.O.

Scottish Junior Cup Finals Fife Ice Arena
All games 3 periods 20 minutes running time 1 minute intervals.

Saturday 13th April

8.00am – 9.10am U12 Semi
9.30am – 10.40am U12 Semi

11.00am – 12.10am U14 Semi
12.30am – 1.40am U14 Semi

2.00pm – 3.10pm U12 Final
Presentation U12

3.30pm – 4.40pm U16 Semi
5.00pm – 6.10pm U16 Semi

6.30pm – 7.40pm U14 Final
Presentation U14

8.00pm – 9.10pm U18 Semi Final 1
(3 periods 20 minutes running time 1 minute intervals)

Sunday 14th April

12.00 – U18 Semi Final 2
(3 periods 20 minutes running time 1 minute intervals)

5.30pm – 6.40pm U16 Final
Presentation U16

7pm – 7.40pm U18 Final
(3periods 20 minutes running time 1 minute intervals)
Presentation U18

8.00pm SNL FINAL

Junior Cup

IIHF World Girls Hockey Day

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Scottish Ice Hockey held an Exhibition Scrimmage Game on Sunday 2nd

October with Scottish U18 Girls and Ladies to celebrate IIHF World Girls

Ice Hockey Day in Dundee Ice Arena. After the scrimmage girls and lady

spectators were encouraged to a Come and Try session when skates and

equipment were provided and the players assisted in showing various



The celebration day was well attended and the local Junior Club has

gained a couple of new recruits as a result.


Proceeds from a Shirt raffle and 50/50 were donated to East of Scotland

Breast Screening Unit at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.


Jim Anderson, Chairman of Scottish Ice Hockey can be seen in the photo

presenting a cheque for £300 to Margaret Cockbain, Superintendent

Radiographer, Breast Screening watched by Debbie Archibald, Breast

Screening Services Manager and Breast Screening Radiographers in the

Screening Unit.


Other photos show the Girls and Ladies who played along with the

youngest player who took part.

Girls Ice Hockey