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Ice hockey is a physical game, it involves swift moves with your body positioned at a given angle. This requires a lot of energy and strength. As a player, how can you ensure your body has got the maximum energy needed for the game? The energy to move fast, energy to hold the hockey stick and as well as the energy to shooting the rubber cock? There is no shortcut towards this, you are required to regularly train and do a lot of physical exercises.

Practicing ice hockey involves a lot of physical workouts based on imparting the maximum energy to the players. This workout is very vigorous therefore burns a lot of calories. Due to the vigor involved during training, it is very hard to find a fat ice hockey player. Exercises such as ice sprinting are very common during ice hockey training.

Shoes related to ice hockey are a special type of skating boots. The boots are unique compared to the normal skating boots. The special feature of these boots enables ice hockey players to swiftly move on the ice using the shoes. There are several types of ice hockey boots available on the market. As a player you thus got a wider range to choose from depending on the amount you wish to spend on the shoes. Common skating boots in the market are CCM Senior Tacks 1092 Ice Hockey Skates, Bauer Senior Vapor X350 Ice Hockey Skates, American Athletic Shoes Women’s Plum Soft Boot Ice hockey skates just to mention a few.

Exercises related to ice hockey training;


Running is vital for every sports person, apart from contributing to the development of the lower muscles body, running contributes to a general being of a person. As an ice hockey player, you are required to at least to take a maximum of 45 minutes running. You the one to choose the best time for to run, this is either in the morning or in the evening.


You can never play ice hockey without skating. Ice hockey players are the best skaters. Skating helps players improve their skills when it comes to fast motion, and also it exposes one to the nature of the game since it is played while on skating boots. Skating leisurely for 30 minutes or more at least 3 times a week is very vital for a player.


Building power on your arms is very vital. The power is necessary for holding and striking the coke. How can you develop power on your arms? By at least doing 100 press-ups daily. To do press-ups, lie flat on the ground, position your palms around your kidneys, lift your body up and down 10 times they relax. Repeat this 10 times.

Stretching exercises

The secret behind good performance in every game is stretching. This is an office type of training that improves the player flexibility. Flexibility is very important ingredient during the practice of the hockey drills.Players are advised to warm up before stretching. Proper body alignment is vital during stretching.


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